Agnes Stewart M.S. Athletics

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                                        6th Grade Basketball Rules

1. 12 Minute Quarters with running clock
2. Stop Clock final 2 minutes of a close game (15 pts or less)
3. No Press; except last 2 minutes of a close game (15 pts or less)
4. No backcourt guarding once team establishes control – loss of control or sloppy passing can be defended
5. Man-to-man help side defense
6. Free Throws – must start behind line, but allowed to jump over it
7. Mercy Rule- If ahead by 20+ points, turn off scoreboard, no press, no stop clock during final 2 minutes
8. Two 1 minute timeouts per half
9. Overtime – 2 minutes with stop clock
10. Double OT – sudden death
11. 5 Minute half time
12. Referee will call time out if giving instruction
*Coaches are responsible for managing playing time fairly. *28.5 ball used for boys’ and girls’ leagues