Agnes Stewart M.S. Athletics

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Soccer Rule Modifications

A. High School Rules will apply unless otherwise noted.

B. Substitution: Unlimited substitutions may be made, with the consent of the referee, on any dead ball.

C. Length of Game: Two thirty (30) minute halves with a five (5) minute halftime. All regular season games are scheduled to start at 4:15 PM. NOTE: If the teams are not ready to play at the scheduled start time, the referee will start the game clock at 4:30 PM and the first half of play will be shortened accordingly.

D. Ball Size: #5 size ball. The Home team shall supply the game ball.

E. Team Sidelines: If space permits; spectators, coaches, and players not on the field of play must remain at least six (6) feet behind the touchline and at least eighteen (18) yards from the end lines. If teams are on the same side of the field, (recommended) each team will occupy one half of the sideline from the centerline to no more than eighteen
(18) yards from the end line.
Parents will remain on the opposite side of the field.

F. Uniform

    1) All players on the field must be attired in matching uniforms except the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper must wear a     

        jersey that is different from the other players and the referee.

    2) Shin guards covered by socks are mandatory in all games. Players not wearing shin guards will not be allowed to 


    3) No equipment shall be worn that is dangerous to another player as determined by the game referee. Medical casts 

        may be worn if covered with soft material, and the referee decides the cast does not pose a risk to other players.

    4) All non-metal tipped cleats are acceptable..

    5) No jewelry! Taping of jewelry is not permitted with the exception of medical bracelets and/or medical necklaces.

G. Cautioned or sent off players/coaches:

    1) Referees will make a report of a cautioned player/coach to Willamalane.

    2) There will be immediate substitution of a player receiving a yellow card.

    3) Referees may choose not to show a card to a coach, but rather clearly inform him/her verbally what action is being 


H. Tie Games:
There is no overtime or shootouts in Springfield School District Middle School Soccer contests. If the score      is tied at the end of regulation then the game is declared a draw.

I. Officials:
There will be one (1) referee assigned for each game. The referee may choose to ask for two (2) adults to assist with out of bounds calls only.
Any coach wishing to lodge a complaint regarding the conduct of an official should do so in writing with a copy forwarded to the Middle School Athletic Director. No coach is to contact the Referee directly.